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A Solution for Health Care Barriers to Canadian Newcomers

Project Overview

This project was developed at BrainStation as part of the research component of the course. The brief was to tackle a healthcare-related problem by applying the methodologies taught at the program.

4 Week Solo Project

Experience Strategy. Problem Solution

Solution, Mid-Fidelity Flows, Prototypes, Product Mockups, Process

Problem Space

Common knowledge is that Canada heavily relies on immigrants to strength national economies, fill labor shortages, and contribute to demographic stability. 

However, a great number of studies conducted in Canada indicate that immigrants frequently face multiple common barriers when attempting to access health care services.

From Social Science & Medicine 66 (2008) 1271-1283

Secondary Research

After review and compare findings from a variety of studies regards immigrants’ experiences with the current healthcare system.There are three major themes emerged from the secondary research finding:

  1. language barrier
  2. cultural sensitivity
  3. geographic barrier

User Interview

By 3 current immigrant were interviewed
to get sense of challenge or key barriers experienced in Canada

By talking to interviewees, I’m able to sort their pain point into three majority themes

1. Language Barrier

2. Economic Barrier

3. Doctors Shortage

The Insights 

Hypothesis and Opportunities  A digital booking system might help to solve a part of this problem. This digital platform is able to let users search doctors who nearby base on their search criteria. Base on their request, they can search for doctors who currently accept new patients, or speak in their language. I believe this digital platform would provide real help to new Canadian immigrants. Meanwhile, a digital platform is much easy to produce. It might cost a couple of months from production to launch to the market. On the other hand, it takes years and years to change health care policy.

The Solution Thinking

User Persona

Experience Map

What a typical medical seeking process in Tsubaki life would look like

So, How Might We

Provide new immigrants with a way to reduce clinic long waiting times to achieve better health care experience?


A. User Epic & User Storey

For my design solution, the key experience is the epic “Booking an appointment”. This is also the minimum viable feature the product can ship out if it will be developed within a short time.

B. Selected Task Flow

C. Sketches & Wireframes Once I got an understanding of the users, their task and stories, I started sketching design solutions. The process of sketching enables me to visualize different ideas and try out content placement.

Initial Prototype

Usability Testing / Iteration

Usability testing isn’t a checklist item. It’s a design tool.

Key Insight Finding:

1. Test Flow is easy to flow

2. “Select a time slot” need to redesign base on real-life situation 

3. The progress bar is good to add

Final Prototype

B&W Version Prototype

Bryan Li / Sr. UX Designer

Design must echo direction and purpose.

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