Hey there!

01 – About me

Hi, my name is Bryan. I am a UX designer based in the Greater Toronto Area with 5+ years of working in the B2C industry. Currently as Senior UX Designer at TD Bank, Human Center Design Practice – HCDP. 

I’m enthusiastic about product design, and passionate about using it to empower others.

Why Design?

I love to help people solve their problems and make their life easier with the power of design. With my creative skill. I can create meaningful interaction between humans and technology in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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02 – Background and Education

With a background in Visual Design, most of my design skills can be transferred to UX design, especially as I am already skilled in Sketch and Adobe Illustrator. 

03 – Things That Are Keep Me Busy
  • Road trip! I love traveling and explore the outside world.
  • Eat all around Toronto!
  • Writing blogs! @Medium.
  • Travel and travel! @YouTube
  • Exploring the latest design trend.

Bryan Li / Sr. UX Designer

Design must echo direction and purpose.

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